'The students’ academic and work- related curriculum is balanced by a wide variety of enrichment activities, work- related skills development and community work.'


Ofsted 2017

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Our Enrichment programme aims to deliver inclusive and enjoyable activities that encourage William Morris students to diversify their wider learning and have fun.

The Enrichment course provides a wide variety of programmes ran by our students, staff and external experts that occur every Wednesday either on site or at local external locations.

This is such a fun opportunity to represent the sixth form in competitions and clubs, as well as to have fun with your friends and meet new people who share your interests!

Courses are run on demand and we welcome student suggestions for new courses. Our enrichment programme aims to provide opportunities for students to enjoy their sixth form experience in a social as well as academic setting.

We are so lucky this term to have several new and exciting courses on offer, including…

- Modern Foreign Languages film club, Martial Arts, Pottery and E- Guardian amongst many creative courses.

- Our annual trip to Uganda; an opportunity to be involved in a life changing experience!

- The opportunity to design and write for the new Sixth Form magazine which will be produced and published throughout the school year.

- Football Club at the Linford Christie stadium as well as Multi Sports, Swimming, Gym activities and much more at the Charing Cross Health Club. 

And much more!

For more information, contact Lucy Maher in the Student Services Centre.